Top Nine Cutest Genshin Impact Characters


When Genshin Impact was released back in 2020, it shook the world upside down. We simply didn’t have such a massive open-world game before on our phones.

From its beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay to those cute characters everyone got hooked on it in a matter of minutes, right? Right?

Genshin Impact, developed by MiHoYo is a role-playing adventure game that follows the traveler with their twin sibling that gets separated in Tevyat.

The game follows the search for the twin counterpart with the companion named Paimon. As the story progresses, we get introduced to a lot of other characters, and how we get involved in their life.

Also, the game has introduced us to a lot of characters, and below are some of the cutest characters in Genshin Impact.



 Keqing is a workaholic who thinks that our fate is mastered by ourselves. Being exposed to pressure at an early age, she has the concept of perfectionism when it comes to working.

This very reason, caused many to resign from their post, but in reality, she held no such hard feelings against anyone and it was not her intention to do so. She simply has a sense of responsibility.

She often expresses her contempt towards Archons for not being there in need, but deep down she admires them. She appreciates Morax the most and holds a deep admiration for him.

With her slender legs and elegant stance, she is one of the cutest characters in Genshin Impact. Despite acting and appearing cold, she has a softer side to herself which she often hides.

She is one hell of tsundere and we think it’s one of her cutest traits. She also tries her best to hide her collection of merchandise from her friends.


Sucrose genshin impact

 A total beauty with brains, she is. Sucrose is an alchemist who loves experimenting with new things. She is a nerd, and that often gives her trouble while talking with people. She is an introvert who wants a group of close friends near her.

She is an anime character who is best as support and is one of the most useful characters in Genshin Impact. She wants to create her own paradise with the help of alchemy.

She has green hair with some shades of blue and amber eyes. She also puts on a pair of glasses which makes her appearance cuter. The design team did a wonderful job creating her.

Her furry and fluffy ears go well together with her appearance. Her curious nature is also an attractive trait of hers.


Fischl genshin impact

Fischl, an investigator for Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild has to be one of the best cute characters in Genshin. She is accompanied by her night raven Oz. She is an electro character in Genshin Impact.

She is a bashful character with eighth-grade syndrome and oftentimes she is disregarded due to this very reason. She is obsessed with fantasy and often performs investigations regarding such matters.

She has blonde hair, green tint eyes, and is fair-skinned. Her ribbon with a bat wing pattern and a black eye patch is her signature attribute. Her poses and her fantasy talks are one of the best the game has to offer.

She also has a black wing tattoo under her hair. Every time she breaks her character, she gets flustered in a way and that has to be one of the cutest things ever.



Kamisato Ayaka is the most elegant character in Genshin Impact. She is a cryo character and is very powerful. Being the daughter of Yashiro’s Commission, she has her hands full with a lot of work.

Ayaka is very kind-hearted and she treats everyone with proper respect. She doesn’t have many friends as she has to work, and being from such a family she doesn’t get that much exposure to the outside world.

She is the most earnest and purest character in Genshin. Ayaka looks very elegant with her long white-blue hair tied in a high ponytail.

She also has a mole underneath her left eye, which makes her look very attractive. She wears a kimono and its name, ‘Flawless Radiance’ which gives the player a sense of nobility.

Despite looking like a cute puppy, she is very talented in her swordsmanship. She is very deadly and can go to any extent to protect her loved ones. She is very swift, and graceful with her skill.

She is a very cute character but with deadly skills that can defeat anyone who stands in her way.



Barbatos, the god of freedom is one of the cutest characters in Genshin and the only male one on this list. He is just a carefree and free-spirited soul.

He is a bard and loves to play songs to people around Mondstadt, most of whom are unaware that he is Barbatos.He is preferably one of the cutest characters. While starting out early in the game, many people thought he was a female character.

He is very talented at singing, and he likes apples more than anything. Despite him looking like a minor, he actually loves alcoholic beverages.

Venti is cute looking and very feminine, with a cheerful and playful personality. Most people take a liking to him just because of his playfulness. It is one of his plus points.

He likes to write songs of heroic tales so that the next generation can hear about them. More than his appearance, most people love him and think he is cute due to his personality.

He is liked by many people in Mondstadt, not because he is one of the Seven but because he is a talented bard and has a great personality. His personality is the reason why he is so cute.



Sayu is a ninja-for-hire from Shuumatsuban in Genshin Impact. She is struggling with growing taller and thinks that sleeping can help with it. It is the reason we see her sleepy and sleeping all day long.

She uses her skills of hiding to run and conceal herself from her work and responsibilities. She is eternally sleep-deprived. She is basically a grown-up in a child’s body.

Sayu is very self-conscious about her height and gets irritated when someone tries to talk about her being small.

She is a very short ninja, who is best at all her ninjutsu. She perfected them just to hide away from her responsibilities.

According to the Genshin Impact forum, she wears Mujina Attire, which makes her look like a tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog.

Sayu’s character design is very cute, as she is smaller than other characters there. Her outfit plays a very big role there, which gives her a big tail and raccoon ears.

We also personally love how she doesn’t love it when someone pats her head, believing that will hamper her growth but lets the traveler and Yae Miko do so.



Klee is a pyro character in Genshin Impact. She is a small and energetic child who loves explosives and bombs. She loves anything that explodes; her favorite thing is Amber’s, Baron Bunny.

She, herself can also create it. As a child, she is very naive and tries her best to get away from the problems she started.

She is oftentimes, sent to solitary by Jean to reflect on her mistakes but she quickly forgets about them and uses her time to focus on bombs and explosives.

Klee also runs and moves in the cutest way possible. This makes her the cutest character in the Genshin. The playfulness and childlessness in her make our hearts warmer every time we interact with her.

This makes her the cutest child.



Being ranked as one of the cutest characters of Genshin Impact, she is surprisingly charming. In the game, she is a playable Cyro character.

The real meaning of her name is sweet rain, thus, the sweet part of her name might resemble her personality. Although she spends most of the time in her word, she’s really into her appearance.

She is pretty unique compared to other characters as she is a semi-Qilin and an Adeptus. She is also a hardworking character who likes to take naps a lot.

As she has features that are only found in the gods, every she does makes her undoubtedly adorable.

Gany’s pale blue hair, the appearance of a human despite having a red horn that tilts back with her hair in addition to shiny red marking makes her simply enchanting.

She is a quite natured character and even sensitive about her weight, horns, and childhood.  She often gets embarrassed as she has the habit of forgetting important details.

This embarrassing habit of hers makes her even cuter.



Paimon is a non-playable character who leads the way to the travelers as their guide in Genshin Impact. She loves eating a lot despite having a small body.

She is way too honest, bubbly, and innocent in nature but appears quite rude on different occasions. Her small figure with a fairy-like appearance makes her the cutest character.

Her light skin, dark dark purple eyes, and shiny white colored hair in addition to accessories add extra charm to her beauty. Those attributes of her are the main reasons why she is considered one lovable character.

Although she is loud some and acts immature most of the time, we get to see a sudden change in her behavior when she takes care of Kichibousiu along with the Traveller.

Her adorable action and mood swings of being rude, as well as her caring and loving side, make most of her admirers flutter. Thus, she is unquestionably ranked among the cutest character in Genshin Impact.

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