Christian Bale Open to Playing New MCU Character After Divisive Thor 4 Role


Christian Bale, who portrayed Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder, is open to playing a non-Gorr character in the MCU if the character is interesting, despite the negative reviews of the movie from critics and fans. Although Bale was not the problem the script for the movie was not well and the God Butcher’s character was totally wasted.

However, Bale recently told in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that his experience with Marvel Studios has not dampened his chances of landing another role.

Christian Bale on his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Appearing on Entertainment Tonight, Bale talked about the possibility of him returning to the MCU, he cleared that if the character and story are interesting then he is willing to portray another Marvel character.

He said, “A good story is a good story. A good character, a good director—if it’s an interesting thing. And, crucially, if my kids are telling me that I’m not allowed not to do it. [For Love and Thunder] they said, ‘no, you don’t say no to that. You’re saying yes to that.”

It seems that not even Batman can say no to his children, as he revealed that his children were also the reason why he agreed to play Gorr’s character.

Furthermore, prior to the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, Bale admitted that playing villainous characters like Gorr is the easiest job. He further said that it’s harder to play a hero’s role than a villain’s because everyone is fascinated by the villain. So who could Christian Bale play next? if he ever came back to the MCU.

Well, Bale is undoubtedly a great actor, and there are many characters he could portray, but he might nail the character of Norman Osborn if Marvel ever decides to get Tom Holland a Green Goblin of his own.

Moreover, now that Marvel is finally bringing mutants into the MCU, Bale could also play one of the mutant’s roles and if he does want an antagonist role then he might as well play Marvel’s classic supervillain Mr. Sinister.

Gorr’s deleted scenes are R-rated

In the movie, Gorr’s character was not utilized to his full potential however, Christian Bale revealed in one interview that Thor star Chris Hemsworth thought some of Gorr’s deleted scenes were too much for the targeted audience. He stated that the scenes were too R-rated. Bale revealed, “Chris Hemsworth, a couple of times he looked at me it was like, ‘Dude, that’s a little too far. I don’t think anyone’s gonna want to see that unless it’s an R-rated film.”

Aside from Marvel, Bale has expressed interest in playing in the successful film franchise Star Wars, which is owned by Disney. He revealed that he has been a Star Wars fan since he was a child, and he stated that he wanted to play a Stormtrooper. Moreover, Star Wars fans also want Bale in the franchise, and they want him to portray Grand Admiral Thrawn’s character.

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