Chainsaw Man Dub Release Date Announced, Including Voice Actors

chainsaw man

Did you know? An announcement on the official page of Chainsaw Man was declared just recently. The announcement revealed that the manga of ChainSaw Man is soon coming up with the release of its Dub version.

The manga of Chainsaw Man drove all of its fans crazy with its amusing plots and scenes. In a lesser amount of time, it even gathered an unpredicted sum of audiences as soon as it released its sub-version on the 11th of October on some of the streaming platforms.

Guess, how delighted the fans will feel if they get to see the Chainsaw Man in the dub version. What’s more amusing is that the announcement has come up with the release date, and information about the voice actors of the Chainsaw man.

The article awaits you with a lot of information about it. So, let’s jump into it without delaying further.

Chainsaw Man dub release date

Just a few days ago, there has been an announcement that Chainsawman manga is coming up with an anime television series adaptation that MAPPA will produce.

As part of the Jump Studio series of stage presentations, Chainsaw Man was exhibited at Festa’21, which occurred in 19 and 20th of December, 2020 online. On the occasion of its 10th Anniversary on 27thof June 2021, the first trailer of this anime was displayed at the stage of MAPPA 2021.

Under the direction of Ryu Nayayama(director) and Makoto Nakazono( executive director), Kazukataa Sugiyama designed the characters and the demonic characters by  Kiyotaka Oshiyama along with the writing of Hiroshi Seko.

Yūsuke Takeda directs the graphics, and Tatsuya Yoshihara serves as the acting director of this anime. Accompanied by the music of Kensuke Ushio, Yohei Miyahara designed the screen with Naomi Nakano as the color key artist.

Most audiences assumed that this anime will make its approach during the autumn season of 2021. However, the second teaser of the anime exhibited that this anime will be launched in 2022.

Later, it was officially confirmed that the series will be resealed on the 12th of October, 2022 and fortunately it did.

However, the dub was confirmed, although no date has been provided as of this day, as it was declared that the English dub of the Chainsaw man will be released on Crunchyroll by the 25th of October, 2022.

The casting of Chainsaw Man


During the time Japanese cast was more or less exhibited in the early days, the dub cast of this television series remained secret for a certain period of time.

And yeah, the primary cast of was also exhibited along with the dub cast of this television anime series during the declaration of the release date.

Character Japanese voice actor (Seiyū) English voice actor
Denji / Chainsaw Man Kikunosuke Toya Ryan Colt Levy
Pochita Shiori Izawa Lindsay Seidel
Makima Tomori Kusunoki Suzie Yeung
Aki Hayakawa Shogo Sakata Reagan Murdock
Power Ai Fairouz Sarah Wiedenheft
Himeno Mariya Ise TBD
Kishibe Kenjiro Tsuda TBD
Kobeni Higashiyama Karin Takahashi TBD
Hirokazu Arai Taku Yashiro TBD

The plot of Chainsaw Man

Between 2018 and 2020, the first piece of the manga of the Chainsaw Man was released along with the declaration of its second part. Well, we don’t have any clue how long will be the first season of this television series.

However, we’ll try to bring you a summary of the entire plot to let you know what you should expect on a broad level. Just know that this anime adapts the reflections of grume scenes of popular anime, Tokyo ghoul but this one is more grume.

The anime follows the story of a young man named Denji confined in absurd poverty who works as a demon hunter along with  Pochita(a Chainsaw Devil and companion of Denji) to clear the debts that his dead father took from the Yakuza.

Poor Denji gets betrayed by the Yakuza who murders him for a contract with the Zombie Demon. However, Pochita makes a contract with the murdered demon hunter by combining him and reincarnation Denji as a semi-demon on the condition that he lives an everyday life.

After Denji gets revived, he kills the Yakuza and gets approached by the group of government Demon killers and known as Public Security Division which is led by Makima, who convinces him to join the force.

Denji teams up with a self-destructive demon hunter, the Blood Demon, and Aki Hayakawa as he agrees to get along with the Power.

Makima promises that if Denji succeeds in eliminating the Weapon Demon, who is also regarded as the executioner of the greatest slaughter in human history, he gets anything he favors.

The team Denji encounters another hybrid named Katana Man, an avenging Yakuza who is allied with the Weapon Demon. Soon after that, the Yakuza eliminated numerous forces of the Division accompanied by a handler who is a former demon hunter in agreement with him.

Denji, Serpent Demon, Akane Sawatari, and the power are decided to train under the direction of a master demon hunter named Kishibe as Himeno sacrifices himself to save others.

Well, Denji, along with the team, successfully defeats Katana man and his friends. This became possible as the team was helped by the other fiends like Violence fiend, Shark fiend, beans, the Devil, Angel, and Spider.

As the storyline progresses, Makima elaborates that their chief  “Akane Sawatari” killed himself. The intensity increases more as no one gets any hint why they did so. However, it was stated that the Gun Devil desired the Devil’s heart of Chainsaw.

Denji is ridiculously attracted to Makina. But an unexpected turn of events occurs as Rege appears in the series with whom the main protagonist of the series falls in love.

During the time both of them break into high school, Denji spends most of his time in the cafe where she works. This is where the storyline gets more interesting. What happens is that Rege decides to get away from all of her problems.

However, Denji disagrees with her decisions until she exhibits that she is also a dangerous assassin equipped with explosives. Although numerous devil hunters lost their lives, Hero of Hell successfully captivates her before she escaped and asks her to meet him at the cafe.

Sadly, the meeting gets canceled as Reze gets killed by Makima while she tries to see him again. Soon after that incident, Denji gets put into observation and tries to induce him that the assassin from China and the United States will make their move.

On the other side, Aki gets acknowledged by Angel Devil that the Devils go along with a certain cycle of being revived between Hell and Heaven as they continue to incite fear in men.

The angel elaborates that after interrogating the Devils of the special section, the sound of a chainsaw is only recalled before their demise if they don’t have any memories of Hell.

As the story progresses, Santa Claus and Killers Quanxi make their appearance along with their crazy goal. Their goal is to captivate the Hero of Hell and cause massacres all over Tokyo. Most of the forces get eliminated as Devil Hunters must face Hell Devil when they got sent into hell by Santa Claus.

Makima manages to save some of them and the Hero of Hell kills Santa Claus with the support of killer Quanxi. Following this incident, Denji and the Powers are banned from participating in the missions, as requested by Aki, who is in charge of the team since the beginning.

However, he gets compelled to accept as he explores their new intention: the GFun Devil. According to Makima, he finds out that Devil is already dead, and only a few pieces of it are left in various countries.

Their goal is to steal a kind of weapon that could cause mass destruction to strengthen the power of Japan. Before the mission starts, Aki gets along with the Angel and requests Makima to save Denji and the Powers no matter what.

While the president of America makes an agreement with the Gun Devil to eliminate Makima whose hidden identity is Control Devil, his chief assigns two of his agents to complete the mission without them being able to do anything about it.

Many of them faced their death but she was quite a formidable one as nothing could kill her. Then, Aki approaches Denji and attacks him as he transforms into the Gun Devil. Thus, the Hero of Hell gets no choice other than to kill him.

A couple of days later from that event, Denji encounters Makima but he still doesn’t have a clue that she is a Control Devil and takes her to the apartment. As the teenager was fed up with taking decisions and facing unexpected consequences, she asks him to complete his desire and become his dog.

Makima agrees to eliminate Power, who approaches to wish for Denji’s birthday. It is also shown that the Control Devil explains that he wanted to take his powers by breaking him physically.

She also said that her father’s demise was caused due to his charade mind. Her father died in self-defense as the latter tried to eliminate Hero of Hell when he was just a child. Because of this, Yakuza took advantage and made Denji work under them.

Later on, Kishibe doubts Makima is a betrayer for quite a long time, thus, he attacks her. The former chief requests support from Denji and elaborate to Kishibe that she desires to form a perfect world.

Thanks to Denji, the Devils that the Chainsaw Devil devours are erased from the memory of the men forever. Soon after that, there causes a fight against Chainsaw Man and the special forces on a very large scale.

However, the powers of the Devil got decreased as human beings started to admire him a lot. Power gets reincarnated temporarily and protects the Hero of Hell before caving in her wounds and making him promise to acknowledge the Future Blood Devil.

The master of Denji saves him and tells him that Makima will follow him anywhere he is located. However, Hero of Hell manages to eliminate Makima as he knew that she could track and understand people with their scent.

No wonder why she was only interested in Chainsaw Man. Although she was already dead, she could be reincarnated but to stop that, Denji ate her in various types of dishes. As a result, the plan worked after a certain number of days, Kishibi introduced him to Nayuta.

She was a New Control Demon who was reincarnated without any memories of her past life. The master of Denji charges him with raising while Pochita decides to create a perfect world by forming relations without any hate and discrimination.

At the end of the series, Denji becomes a high schooler and prepares to battle against the Devil. So yeah, this is where the series meets its end.



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