Top 30 Best Pokemon Of All Time (2022)

best pokemon

The Universe of Pokémon is extensive, and everyone has a single Pokémon. Some have it as a pet, and some use it to be the strongest trainer, but which one is the best Pokémon?

Here’s a list of the Thirty Best Pokémon that you’ll surely love to see them.

Did you know? There’s one Pokémon that created the time and another that created a whole space and dimension.

1. Arceus 


Type: Normal

Status: Legendary

Evolves from: None

Arceus is one of the most potent and the best Pokémon that created the whole Pokémon Universe. If it wasn’t for Arceus, then it is stated that the Pokémon Universe would’ve only been a myth.

Arceus was the first Pokémon to exist, and it would be the last Pokémon to go extinct. He may be a standard type and doesn’t have any specific kind like Charizard, but its special move is that it can change its shape and type when it holds Z-Stone.

Undoubtedly, Arceus is one of the best Pokémon; it is responsible for the life cycle of other Pokemons. Arceus can also be described as the “Original One.”

2. Dragonite


Type: Dragon, flying

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Dragonair

Dragonite is one of the best eco-friendly Pokémon and is loved by every fan. Dragonite is a dragon-type Pokémon with wings behind it. It is orange in color and looks cute, but if you try to hurt the ecosystem, it won’t hold back from hurting you.

Dragonite is a rare type of Pokémon, it mostly leaves near the water areas, and you can only find it sometimes if you have strong luck. This is one of the best Pokémon because it is friendly to most humans and loves the environment.

One of the signature moves of Dragonite is Multiscale. It evolves from Dragonair, a cute dragon type.

3. Gyarados


Type: Flying, Water

Status: Rare

evolves from Magikarp

Gyarados is one of the unique characters of the series Pokémon. It is one of the best and most memorable characters because it evolves from Magikarp.

Magikarp is one of the most common water-type Pokémon, and it can only use one attack, Splash. This attack doesn’t do any kind of damage to its opponent. You’ll need a lot of patience when you catch Magikarp and when it finally evolves, you can see it turning into one of the best Pokémon, Gyarados.

After it evolved into Gyarados, it became the strongest, and now it can even use significant water-type attacks, such as; Dragon Breath and Aqua Tail. Gyarados is an inspirational Pokémon; that’s why it is one of the best.

4. Tyranitar


Type: Rock, Dark

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Pupitar

Tyranitar is one of the best defensive Pokémon. It is also known as the ‘Armor Pokémon.’ This name suits him very well because his body just can’t be harmed by most of the attacks. He is always willing to battle with the strongest ones.

Tyaranitar is so powerful that when it walks, a quake gets caused. He is a real monster Pokémon. You sure don’t want to mess with this Pokémon because when it rages, it can knock down a whole mountain and buries rivers.

When we look at its first evolution, Larvitar, it’s a small green Pokémon, but when it finally adopts its final form, it becomes one of the most dangerous Pokémon.

5. Charizard


Type: Fire, Flying

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Charmander

Charizard is one of the famous Pokémon known by the whole world. It is renowned because it is one of the best Pokémon in the series. One of the starting Pokémon that you have to choose from is Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

Charizard is also one of the strongest Pokémon; it has such a powerful fire-burning technique that it can burn down a whole forest if it wants. It is said that its fire is strong enough to melt down big boulders and can cause forest fire “unintentionally.”

Its strongest moves are Inferno and Flare Blitz; both of these moves are fire-type and can cause up to 120 damage. Charizard is sure one of the iconic and best Pokémon.

6. Alakazam


Type: Psychic

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Abra

Alakazam is one of the smartest Pokémon. It is said that its IQ is almost 5000. It is one of the smartest Pokémon because it never forgets what it learned. Alakazam’s brain never stops working, it keeps growing continuously, and with such kind of intelligence, it continues to learn more effective moves.

The longer Alakazam continues to live, the bigger its head gets. The psychic power this Pokémon possesses is also unreal. Alakazam is also known as the ‘Psi Pokémon.’

One of the famous moves of Alakazam is that it can use teleport. With such ability, it can teleport into every corner of the world it has been. It is said that Alakazam’s memory power is so mighty that it has full memory of being born.

7. Snorlax


Type: Normal

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Muchlax

Snorlax is one of the best Pokémon, but it is also one of the Laziest Pokémon. Snorlax is a big Pokémon, and the favorite thing he likes to do is keep on sleeping. He is so big that he is the “heaviest” Pokémon of all time.

Why is he heavy, you might say? It is the heaviest Pokémon because it eats almost 880 pounds of food every day; it won’t get satisfied until it eats that much food. After Snorlax is done eating its food, it goes straight to sleep.

The Laziest and Heaviest Pokémon of all time.

The most useful thing about Snorlax is, that he is a heavy beast and gives a tough time to its opponents if it is awake and isn’t hungry…

8. Togekiss


Type: Flying, Fairy

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Togepi

Togekiss is one of the cutest Pokémon, but that’s not enough for it to be on our list. It is one of the rarest types of Pokémon; when it is on its full HP, the catch rate of this Pokémon is only 3.9%.

Togekiss is also known as the Jubilee Pokémon. They are hardly ever seen, and it is a positive Pokémon, it shares blessings wherever it goes. You can never find Togekiss in violent or conflicted areas; you’ll find it in a peaceful area sharing its kindness and blessings.

It is peaceful Pokémon and avoids every kind of conflict. Don’t worry. It will still do battles against other Pokémon.

9.  Lapras


Type: Water, Ice

Status: Rare

Evolves from: None

Lapras is one of the best Pokémon, and it has one of the favorite Pokémon of most trainers. It has been caught by so many trainers that its species has almost gone extinct.

Lapras is also known as the “Transportation Pokémon” because it is famous for carrying people from one area to another. It is not one of the most powerful Pokémon because it rarely even fights, but Lapras sure is one of the most gentle and kindest Pokémon.

It has a gentle heart and loves carrying people from one place to another at sea. It also understands human speech very well. It is also one of the smartest Pokémon, it might not be smart as Alakazam, but it sure is smart.

10. Blastoise


Type: Water

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Squirtle

Blastoise is another starting Pokémon. It is also one of the strongest Pokémon that can create a whole lake with its water-type ability.

Blastoise has a big shell, and because of that, it is also known as the “Shellfish Pokémon. Its shellfish is big and heavy and has two water canon popping out of its left and right.

It’s stated that Blastoise has so much power on its water canon that when it shoots, it can pierce through thick steel. It might need super strength and control to use such power, right? Well, Blastoise uses its heavy shell as a recoil controller.

It also loves to do leadership roles; that’s why it prefers to live near freshwater areas and acts as a leader to the group of that Pokémon.

11. Eevee


Type: Normal

Status: Rare

Evolves From: None

Eevee is one of the best and most unique Pokémon that can evolve into eight different Pokémon:

  • Vaporeon (With Water Stone)
  • Jolteon (With Thunder Stone)
  • Flareon (With Fire Stone)
  • Umbreon (With high Friendship during nighttime)
  • Espeon (With high Friendship during daytime)
  • Leafeon (When it levels up near a Mossy Rock)
  • Glaceon (When it levels up near an Icy Rock)
  • Sylveon (When it creates an Affection)

There’s no saying what kind of form Eevee will take because it depends upon the situation. It is also known as the Evolution Pokémon. It is an extremely rare Pokémon and can rarely be found in the wild.

Its evolution is what makes the best Pokémon.

12. Lucario


Type: Fighting, Steel

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Riolu

Lucario is one of the best Pokémon because it can sense auras. By sensing the auras, it can understand human speech and even tell how others are feeling by sensing their aura.

Because of its special ability to sense auras, it is also known by the name “Aura Pokémon.” It is a useful Pokémon during battles because it can sense the aura of its opponents and predict their movements and attacks.

Lucario can even control their auras. It is one of the strongest Pokémon because it is stated that by using its special wave of aura, it can destroy huge rocks and boulders. Any Pokémon who wants to battle with Lucario should be prepared for the consequences.

13. Pikachu


Type: Electric

Status: Normal

Evolves From: Pichu

One of the most iconic Pokémon of all time, Pikachu is the best friend of Ash. It was the first Pokémon that Ash had ever caught in the anime. It is also one of the most famous Pokémon; whether a person watches Pokémon or not, they’ll also know the name “Pikachu.”

Pikachu is a friendly Pokémon and stands with its trainer all the time. It can use powerful electric attacks; its electricity can even cause storms, “electric storms.”

Pikachu is a small Pokémon; that’s why it is also known as Mouse Pokémon. And do you know why they have their tail raised all the time? They raise their tail all the time to be aware of the surrounding, but the funny part is that they even get struck by lightning sometimes when they raise their tale.

Ash has tons of Pokémon, and no matter how many more he’ll catches, Pikachu will always be on his starter pack.

14. Salamence


Type: Dragon, Flying

Status: Normal

Evolves From: Bagon

Salamance is one of the strongest Pokémon and the best one. It is a strong dragon-type Pokémon.

Bagon always wanted wings, and it is said that during the evolution from Shelgon to Salamance, it created a powerful desire to get wings, which was so strong that it triggered during its evolution, and he summoned the wings.

Salamance is so strong that it can slice every opponent who tries to cut it off. When he starts to rampage, you should know the swing that something horrible is about to happen.

When it is in a bad mood, it flies and tends to destroy everything it sees by throwing flames from its mouth or using its claws.

15. Ditto


Type: Normal

Status: Rare

Evolves From: None

Ditto is one of the Pokémon that has a strange power. It has the ability to copy its enemy Pokémon; if it is fighting with Charizard, it can take its form and be Charizard too.

Ditto can copy other Pokémon genetic codes and be them. Because of this ability, Ditto is also known as the Transform Pokémon. It is a Pokémon because it doesn’t only change into Pokémon figures; it can even turn into a stone and avoid getting attacked by other wild Pokémon.

But what happens if it gets into a situation where it has to battle with another wild Ditto?

It will search for an opponent to take its form!

16. Garchomp


Type: Dragon, Ground

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Gible

Garchomp is one of the rarest Pokémon that can only be found under the dar caves. It is a dragon-type Pokémon that is powerful enough to battle with any kind of Pokémon.

It is stated that Garchomp looks like a jet plane when it folds and extends its wings. Garchomp wings are so sharp that when it starts to run at their full speed, they can slice down huge trees.

It is also a speed Pokémon; not only do its wings look like a Jet Plane, but it also has the speed of a Jet Plane. Once it gets on its form, no prey can escape from Garchomp’s speed.

17. Mewtwo


Type: Psychic

Status: Legendary

Evolves from: None

Mewtwo is a legendary Pokémon that was made by a few scientists after years of experiments. Mewtwo is an iconic Pokémon that possesses psychic power and contains the ability to teleport.

Mewtwo was made by experimenting on Mew. It has the DNA of a Mew, but they are very different from each other. It is so powerful that its attacking ability is so massive that we can also say that it is at an “ultimate level,” so it only thinks about battling and defeating its opponents in a ruthless way.

It is a copy of Mew; the scientists created Mewtwo by doing the process called genetic manipulation. They gave it ultimate powers but couldn’t provide it a heart. That’s why Mewtwo is always serious.

Mewtwo lacks feelings and is one of the most dangerous Pokémon of all time.

18. Dialga


Type: Dragon, Steel

Status: Legendary

Evolves From: None

Dialga is a legendary type Pokémon and possesses incredible power, the power to control the time. It is one of the strongest Pokémon who has battled with Palkia, a legendary Pokémon.

Dialga is a member of the Creation Trio. He is a strong Pokémon that always seeks victory against other Pokémon. It is also stated that in every heartbeat of Dialga, time changes.

Because of the birth of Dialga, the vast river of time started to flow in the world, and when Dialga was born, that was the moment where the “time” began.

19. Metagross


Type: Steel, Psychic

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Beldum

Metagross is one of the rarest Pokémon that you can find. It is also one of the smartest Pokémon; it is stated that Metagross has four brains in total. It is like a supercomputer; it can perform any kind of difficult calculation in no time.

Do you know how Metagross evolves?

Metagross is the result of the fusion of two Metang. Bet you didn’t know that. That’s why it has four brains in the first place.

Metagross can also fly using their psychic powers; the Metagross who live in snowy areas are always full of energy because their magnetic powers of them get more powerful due to cold temperatures.

With its high IQ, it can calculate the movements and attacks of the opponents and analyze them.

20. Lugia


Type: Flying, Psychic

Status: Legendary

Evolves From: None

Lugia is one of the most powerful Pokémon out there. It is also known as the “Diving Pokémon.” People call him the Diving Pokémon because it is so powerful that it spends its time at the deep bottom of the sea.

When there are sea storms at sea, Lugia is seen defending that. Because of that, it gave the new title “Guardian of the Sea.” Lugia’s wings are so massive and powerful that when it spreads its wings, it almost destroys many houses, so it chooses to battle within the deep sea.

When it flaps its wings, it can cause a 40-day-long storm; you can imagine how powerful Lugia is and why it is one of the best.

21. Ho-oh


Type: Fire, Flying

Status: Legendary

Evolves From: None

Ho-oh is a legendary fire, flying bird Pokémon that possesses the power to breathe fire and perform various powerful attacks. Ho-oh is also known as the “Rainbow Pokémon” because it has seven colored wings.

Its colors glow depending on where the light trucks it. It is also a sign of eternal happiness. Although Ho-oh is full of joy and happiness, it can also create havoc because it is one of the most powerful Pokémon.

The Rainbow Pokemon is one of the best and the strongest.

22. Giratina


Type: Ghost, Dragon

Status: Legendary

Evolves From: None

Giratina is one of the darkest Pokémon and the strongest. It is said that Giratina is not from our world; it lives on the reverse side of our world, in the darkness. It only appears sometimes, and the place where it appears is “Cemetery.”

Giratina was so powerful and violent that it had to be banished; it was sent to the Distortion World. One of the signature moves of Giratina is Shadow Force; he gets invisible for a moment, then appears and attacks his opponent.

Just like Dialga, Giratina is also a member of the Trinity Trio. It is the darkest and the scariest Pokémon in the franchise. Giratina can also be described as death to many people.

23. Arcanine


Type: Fire

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Growlithe

Arcanine is one of the strongest and a powerful Pokémon. It was originally meant to be a Legendary Pokémon, but later the editors change their minds. But yet, it is a legendary one for the Chinese people.

Arcanine is known for its beauty and is admired by the people of china as a legend. It has great power and awesome speed. Aracanine can run up to 6,200 miles in a single day, it even sparks its beauty while running.

It is one of the bravest Pokémon, it doesn’t hold back from accepting any kind of challenge. When the opponent hears Arcanine’s bark, the opponent should better run or be ready to taste defeat.

24. Groudon


Type: Ground

Status: Legendary

Evolves from: None

Groudon, the “Continent Pokémon” is a legendary and one of the strongest Pokémon that lives deep under caves. It is known as one of the powerful Pokémon because it possesses the power to disassemble rain clouds and make water evaporate with its presence.

Many ages ago, Groudon had a ferocious battle with another Legendary Pokémon, Kyogre. After the battle, Groudon went to sleep, and it is said that whenever he stays awake, a powerful volcano eruption gets occurred.

Groudon is also the Pokémon that expanded continents and raised lands, that’s why he is also known as the creator of land, the Continent Pokémon. It can even cause a whole magma eruption and destroy the whole land of the world.

25. Kyogre


Type: Water

Status: Legendary

Evolves From: None

The Legendary Pokémon is cable of creating humongous and powerful rain clouds that can cover the entire sky. It is stated that because of Kyogre’s massive rain clouds, the seas were formed, the power of this Pokémon is unreal.

Kyogre also possesses the power to control water, it is also known as Sea Basin Pokémon. it also went to sleep after it clashed with the Continent Pokémon, Groudon.

Kyogre also possesses the power to awaken massive sea storms that can raise the level of water in the sea. It is one of the strongest Pokémon that has saved many people from droughts.

26. Milotic


Type: Water

Status: Rare

Evolves from: Feebas

Milotic is the most beautiful Pokémon to ever exist in the franchise. It lives under the deep large lakes, so it can rarely be encountered.

Milotic has a beautiful body, it glows pink and is breathtakingly gorgeous. It also loves a peaceful and calm environment. If you’re having a terrible day then don’t worry, it is stated that a glimpse of Milotic can bring calmness to a person’s mind.

This beautiful Pokémon can also be called the Tender Pokémon. If we take a look at its form before the evolution then we can witness an ugly water-type Pokémon, but after the evolution, its beauty makes people filled with emotions and speechless.

It is one of the best Pokémon because it is a calm and soothing Pokémon. Even many artists have taken inspiration from its beauty.

27. Venusaur


Type: Grass, Poison

Status: Rare

Evolves From: Bulbasaur

Venusaur is one of the starting Pokémon. It is also a powerful one and can go one on one against Charmander or Blastoise.

The big leafy plant you see above Venusaur’s head helps him to absorb solar energy, and with that energy, it can convert it into a strong attack and defeat his opponent. The Flower’s aroma also helps to make people’s emotions calm and soothing.

Venusaur is also a poison-type Pokémon, it can use deadly poison attacks and faint its opponents. They might not faint on the spot but as time goes on, the effect grows much stronger eventually making the opponent faint.

One of the signature moves of Venuisaur is, that it can use Solar Beam, a powerful attack with 100 Accuracy and 120 Damage.

28. Blissey


Type: Normal

Status: Rare

Evolves from: Happiny

Blissey, also known as the “Happiness Pokémon” is one of the caring and happiest Pokémon alive. We can see Blissey being in the Pokémon Centre most of the time because they are very caring Pokémon.

It is stated that anyone who bites the Egg that Blissey carries becomes a caring and pleasant person. Its Egg carries nothing but happiness. It can feel the sad emotions of other Pokémon and fill it with happiness.

Blissey might not be a fighting Pokémon, but everyone who fights needs Blissey’s care and treatment. After getting treatment from her, it is sure that the person or Pokémon will have a big smile on their face.

Fun Fact: Blissey is a female Pokémon; there isn’t a single male Blissey. 

29. Mew


Type: Psychic

Status: Legendary

Evolves From: None

Mew is one of the rarest Pokémon in the franchise. It is so rare that only a few people have seen it worldwide. But it also appears itself; it appears to those persons who have a pure heart and stays away from violent ones.

Mew’s DNA is so great that it contains the genetic codes of every Pokémon, meaning it can use every type of attack and can learn any kind of move. Because of Mew’s power, it is also known as the ancestor of all the Pokémon.

Many believe that this Pokémon has already gone extinct, but still, there are reports that state Mew is in sight. Because of Mew, one of the greatest and strongest Pokémon, Mewtwo was created.

Many scientists researched Mew and used the manipulation method and made Mewtwo using its genetic codes. Mewtwo and Mew are very different; Mew searches for happiness and peace while Mewtwo only knows how to battle and lacks heart.

30. Palkia


Type: Water, Dragon

Status: Legendary

Evolves From: None

Palkia is one of the legendary Pokémon that possesses the power to distort space. It can wrap up the whole space and do time travel into different dimensions.

Palkia possesses so much power that it once appeared and bent the whole space, because of that, the whole world turned upside down. Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina were created by the Legendary Pokémon, Arceus. It was responsible for creating the universe with Dialga.

It can control dimensions and create havoc if it wants. It is also stated that whenever Palkia breathes, the space becomes more stable than ever. Pokémon, which can control space, is one of the strongest Pokémon.

The three Pokémon, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, are the most dangerous Pokémon of all time.



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