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The Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment, with their proficient designers, have gifted the extra attribute with various kinds of gun skins. Spicing the inventory with gun skins has been the trend for CSGO players.

So, while looking for the best CSGO skins, it’s hard to form a coherent opinion. Should you go for the most expensive one? Probably not, but you’re sure to get 100 flex points. Even other skins outclass the most expensive ones in terms of looks.

Instead of figuring it out on our own, we went berserk to find the best counter-strike gun skins that will give you flex points as well as look exceptional.

10. AWP Dragon Lore

AWP Dragon Lore

Starting off from the number 10 spot, we have a skin that you probably wouldn’t expect. It’s none other than AWP Dragon Lore. Yeah, I had to throw this on here because of the reason how absolutely legendary CS-go skin this is.

When you think of super high-tier skins, what really comes to mind is probably the Azimov, the Kramet fade, and most importantly, the Dragon Lore. This skin has been the Rolls-Royce of CS-Go skins since the beginning, not the beginning, but since the early days of the game.

Dragon Lore has always been insanely expensive, and it’s essentially been a very sought-after skin. This skin doesn’t really have the best designs in the world, to be honest, it’s a pretty big flex and disgustingly overrated. This is the reason why it deserves to be on this list.

9. Glock fade

Glock Fade

Not, at the number nine spot, we have the Glock Fade. When this game came out back in the day, nobody ever thought it’d be worth anything. People just thought, Oh yeah, cool, this is just a kind of a Glock Fade.

It’s never gonna go anywhere and just look at it now, it’s like a thousand dollars for a factory new one. These have skyrocketed in price and it happened so for a very good reason.

First of all, it is scarce, and secondly, they look pretty cool because the combination of yellow, pink, and purple go incredibly well together. Not only that, but also it’s kind of pattern based.

Moreover, you can also put stickers on it, and it’s just exceptionally unique skin as well; we don’t get to see it often. So, they are relatively rare. Thus, for all of these reasons, I’m out.

8. USP-S Kill Confirmed

USP-S Kill Confirmed

Next up, we have the USP-S kill confirmed at the eight ranks. Just look at it, the skin is just sick because of its excellent design along with the combination of red,  white, and orange color.

Ultimately, this is one of the best USP-S in the game, although Neon Noir is pretty cool. But don’t you think this one is a bit better?

What makes this skin cool is its design, obviously because of the bullet going through the skull along with other crazy stuff happening in there. Moreover, its color is also vibrant, and it stands out too.

Accompanied by such cool designs and the curiousness of most players to get it is what makes this skin worthy.

7. SSG08 Dragon Fire

SSG08 Dragon Fire

Here, we have the first and only scout on this list, SSG08 Dragon Fire. To be genuine, this is undeniably an underrated skin considering how cheap it actually is.

This is a fantastic skin straight-up, it’s just a Blue Dragon shooting a flame, and that’s pretty much what the whole thing is. It’s simple, but the person who designed this did a remarkable job as the artwork is just top-notch.

It’s an excellent design accompanied by a lot of fantastic color combinations. What makes it even more excellent is its popularity rate which is about 95%. This automatically demonstrates how much worth this skin has and makes itself one of the most popular items in the game.

Some people might disagree on how much exaggeratively we’re complimenting this skin. However, we don’t think that many people will oppose it because it’s a common opinion to think of this one as dope skin.

6. AWP Hyperbeast

All of the Hyperbeaster will start criticizing me if I forget to mention AWP Hyper Beast among the best CS-Go skins, even accidentally. It is because the list of best skins in CS-Go would be incomplete without it.

It’s literally one heck of an iconic skin in the game and no one can deny this fact. Just not even this one. There’s M4 of course, there’s Five-SeveN, there’s Nova, and there’s the AWP that is underrated for its peculiar designs that every player tempts for.

Just look at it, how amazing it is that apparently seems to be based on a weird mythical creature called the Hyperbeast. The colorful monster design is vibrant which really stands out as one of the best.

Unlike Cod and other games, skins on this game are pretty cool and unique in their own kind. Skins like these are why most players skin so much in this game. Players demand for this skin is ridiculous because it is so well-made.

5. Ak47 Wild Lotus

Ak-47 White Lotus

Jumping into the next skin, guess what we have in the number 5? We have the Ak47 Wild Lotus. Yes, it’s greeny Ak with a bunch of fabulous flowers on it, and honestly, it might be the coolest thing in the world, but many of us like the way it looks.

Basically, it’s quite a chill design with a background full of green, and then we have the little accents of orange along with various kinds of colored flowers all over that look incredibly remarkable.

However, this is not a type of skin that will get you excited or anything, and it just helps you enjoy the game. This skin tells you to slow down and smell the flowers.

4. Deagle Blaze

Now that we’re past all that, we have Deagle Blaze in the number four spot, one of the most intense skins in the CS-Go. Am I right? The bunch of flames all over it is what makes this one more exceptional than any other skin.

This skin has been popular for a very long time and a very good reason. It’s a nice simple Deagle of course with a giant flame on it and whenever a player sees this skin,  they’re like “Oh man! It’s Blaze, dude.”

Deagle Blaze benefits from not being the most colorful and over-the-top skin in the game because it’s like half a default Deagle.

It has an unmistakable design to it, just flames as suggested in the name, and that’s it. Its simplicity is something that has impressed most of us setting the perfect example of simplicity is the best.

3. Ak47 Neon Rider

Ak 47 Neon Rider

Next up, we’ve got Non-Rider. Don’t you recall the striking look of it the moment you hear the name of this gun? The design of this gun skin is so good that people spent $236.95, maximum, just for this.

No wonder why this is ranked as one of the best skins in the game. The details of the design in this skin are totally captivating. What can be more beautiful than a peculiar combination of light blue, pink, and purple in different parts of a gun?

They are all like neon colors essentially, it’s called the neon rider after all so that kind of makes sense. Given the name neon rider, the player wielding this skin gets this name automatically flexing on his opponents.

Probably, this is not the cheapest skin in the game but you can get it for a fairly reasonable price and we think that this skin should be more expensive considering how overrated this gun is.

2. AWP Gungnir

AWP Gungnir

Among the list of ten best gun skins, we’ve already mentioned two types of AWP and are compelled to add another one because we can’t help against the greatness of Gungnir, it’s incredible.

Now, the designers could take it to the next level if they added more of the designs to the top. However, in reality, we don’t think it matters because it kind of contrasts really well.

If the entire skin is super vibrant, then it’s kind of like way too much so it kind of help chills the entire vibe a little bit. So yeah, it has grayish-white parts which are a fantastic design similar to Norse design.

Then, there’s a blue color that gives a great touch to the skin, and the main reason why it’s so captivating is its pearlescent effect that allows the skin to change color depending upon the lighting.

So, this skin can go from blue to purple, leaving a great impression on the game. And if, of course, you pair this with pandora’s box gloves, nothing in the game can beat it in terms of AWP slash gloves.

This is why we’ve ranked Gungnir as the second-best gun skin in CS-Go.

M4A4 Howl

Finally, at the number spot, we have the most exclusive skin in the game, M4A4 Howl, mainly, because the person who made this skin originally used a copyrighted image so they had to change it, and then they made this only contour-banned skins in the game.

So, it means that you can’t get this from either case openings or trade-ups. The only way to achieve this skin is only through trading or buying it thus, that’s the reason why this skin is number one on the list.

On top of being contour-banned skin, it also has an awesome design, and it’s literally kin dof a fire wolf with a bunch of random flames on it.

It’s just red and black, super simple, not too over the top, and not too insane. This attribute of this gun skin makes itself incredibly the best.

Obviously, you do need to get a good float to make it look clean because even factory-new ones look a little scratched up. So, that’s one of the most significant downsides to the Howl, but most people would still agree this is the best skin to ever exist in CS Go.



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