Best Comedy Anime To Watch In 2022

best comedy anime

If you ever watch any kind of anime, without comedy in it it’s like eating candy that isn’t sweet. Comedy is essential in every anime, and if you’re looking at the best comedy animes, you’re warmly welcome.

1. Gintama


Premiered: Apr 4, 2006, to Mar 25, 2010

Studios: Sunrise

If Gintama isn’t a comedy movie, then we have no idea what comedy means.

This movie was made to make their fans laugh. Gintama is an epic anime, it primarily focuses on the character Gintoki and his friends who are living in Old Edo, protecting themselves from the threat of aliens,

The main protagonist, Gintoki a former samurai has now opened an institute, “Odd Jobs”.

Just like their institute title, they accept all kinds of odd jobs. The story and the characters are so funny that if it doesn’t make you laugh every 5 minutes, you’re an unhappy person.

Gintama is one of the popular animes and the most hilarious anime of all time. The plots and comedy of Gintama will amaze you and will leave you speechless because you’ll be laughing all the time.

This anime has the best comedy because, in Gintama, you’ll see One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, and much more anime!

2. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

Premiered Date: Jul 4, 2016 – Dec 26, 2016

Studios:  J.C.Staff, Egg Firm

The anime mostly focuses on a 16-year-old boy, Kusuo Saiki. Saiki is just not a normal human being, he was born with special powers like psychokinesis and teleportation.

The powers of Saiki are only known by his parents and his brother. They kept this secret because they didn’t want society to know about such kind extraordinary things about their child.

As everyone knows, nothing can be remained a secret for long, especially when he starts to bend a spoon in school. Everyone will believe that? Well…

It’s so funny when Saiki tries to hide his special ability but flops it every time. It’s almost impossible for Saiki to stay quiet. Whenever he tries to hide his special abilities it turns into comedy.

3. One Piece

one piece movies order

Premiered date: October 20, 1999 – ongoing

Studio: Toei Animation

One Piece follows the storyline of adventure and comedy. A young boy, Monkey D. Luffy is on his journey to find the greatest treasure of all time and to become the King of Pirates.

It has a great story. we can see them going on voyages together with his crew, and every time something comedy happens. The main protagonist, Luffy is a dumb, stupid, meat-lover pirate.

He might even give up on his journey if he sees a land of meat. But when it comes to the dedication the captain is always prepared to give his all.

The action that you’ll see in this anime is more than outstanding. You will see some epic battle moments and hilarious moments that you’ll never forget.

4. Assassination Classroom 

Assassination Classroom

Premiered date: Jan 10, 2015 – Jun 20, 2015

Studios: Lerche

Assassination Classroom is a class where students aren’t normal and their teacher is way beyond far than normal. A Freaking Alien!!!

Their teacher is an alien who is gonna destroy the whole planet in a year, but the teacher is kind enough to give the students a chance to kill him within a year.

The story is funny and fascinating. During our school time, we had tons of homework as our assignments but in the world of Assassination Classroom, their assignment is to kill their teacher and save the planet.

Will the students be able to such a powerful alien? You can find the answer when you’ll watch the anime! The storyline is amazing and the comedy is just on another level.

The plotline will be left your jaw dropped, that’s for sure.

5. Haikyuu!


Premiered date: February 20, 2012 – ongoing

Studios:  Production I.G

Haikyuu is a sports anime here you’ll find intense moments with unlimited comedy.

The main protagonists, are Hinata, and Kageyama. Kageyama is a tall character with proper skill and Hinata is a short guy with unexpected talents. And one thing, they don’t have a good connection with each other.

The team has their dream to reach at the top and become the top team in Japan. To complete such kind of goal they will have to go through many kinds of challenges and victories through various tournaments.

Their opponent won’t be easy, every opponent is skilled and has experience. The team will need to exceed their potential to achieve their goal.

The main protagonists, who don’t get along with each other well, are the ones who get in trouble all the time and maybe kiss too…

If you love friendship, volleyball, and comedy then this anime is just made for you.

6. Daily Life Of High School Boys

Daily Life Of High School Boys

Premiered date: Jan 10, 2012 -Mar 27, 2012

Studios: Sunrise

Just by looking at the title, you might have got the idea of what is this anime about, It’s about high school teenagers and we know how entertaining life is when we are in high school.

We will get to see the lifestyle of a group of teenagers. Their high school life is interesting, and the fun they do, the noise they make, and the actions we see in this anime, are just more than perfect.

And when the teenagers fall in love, it’s just pure comedy. If you don’t think it’s hilarious when a boy wears a bra then you’ll find Tokyo Ghoul funnier.

No offense to Tokyo Ghoul fans!

The lifestyle of these teenagers is interesting, you’ll surely find this anime full of comedy moments.

7. Nichijou, Oh My Normal Life

Nichijou, Oh My Normal Life

Premiered date: Apr 3, 2011, – Sep 25, 2011

Studios: Kyoto animation

Feeling unhappy with your daily life?

The work, studies, if you don’t have any option in your life to search for happiness then don’t worry, this anime is just perfect for you.

Nichijou, Oh My Normal Life is an anime that will help you get out of your normal life and fill that loneliness with pure comedy and cute moments.

If you don’t love long animes and like sweet and short then you’ll love this one.

8. Gakuen Babysitters

Gakuen Babysitters

Premiered date: Jan 7, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018

Studios: Brain’s Base

The anime, Gakuen Babysitters focuses on Ryuuichi and Kotarou. The brothers lost their parents during a plane crash, and now they only have each other.

The story mostly shows us the relationship between these brothers. The moments in this anime are filled with cute ones and also with comedy when the little brother Kotaru is assigned to a mission, a mission to deliver lunch to his brother Ryuuichi.

They even have their friends. The older brothers’ friends also have little brothers. The moment they share with each other is funny and cute!

If you love little babies who fight often and love their brothers then Gakuen Babysitters is more than perfect for you.

9. Fruits Basket 

Fruits Basket

Premiered date: Jul 5, 2001 – Dec 27, 2001

Studios: Studio Deen

Fruit Basket is the anime where you’ll find romance, comedy, and lifestyle genres at the same time.

The protagonist, Tohru Honda starts to live in a tent after she lost her family in a tragedy. But she gets lucky again, soma, a clan discovers her house,

Tohru then starts to live with new members; Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure Sohma. But in Fruits Basket, there’s a plot. It is stated if you hug someone then they will turn into the animals of their Zodiac Sign.

The plot is crazy! You won’t be able to control your laughter when someone gets turned into animal of their Zodiac when they hug someone.

10. Kaguya-Sama Lover: Love Is War

Love Is War

Premiered date: Jan 12, 2019 – Mar 30, 2019

Studios: A-1 Pictures

Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are competitors of each other. There’s always competition between them, they don get along with each other along. But as we all know a girl and boy who fight often fall in love often as well.

They have pride and agony between them but once that feeling starts to convert into love, we’ll get to see some comedy moments.

If you like romance anime that has a great comedy then Kaguya-sama Lover: Love is War is perfect to add to your watch list.

11. My Hero Academia 

My Hero Academia 

Premiered date: Apr 3, 2016 – Jun 26, 2016

Studios: Bone

My Hero Academia is a popular anime series, where a young boy named, Midoriya is born without abilities in the world of heroes and villains. But he gets the power of his favorite hero, All Might. How?

By eating a hair.

This anime has many comedy characters and lots of action with a great storyline. We get to see the journey of Midoriya, he starts without any kind of Quirks (abilities or powers), and now, he has more than one quirk.

The movie is amazing and his childhood friend, Byakugan will always shout and frighten Midoroya, you definitely don’t wanna skip that part.

12. School Rumble

School Rumble

Premiered date: Oct 5, 2004 – Mar 29, 2005

Studios: Studio Comet

School Rumble will give you comedy, romance, and a great storyline with an astonishing plot. The anime will surely give you mixed feelings in each episode with a smile on your face.

Tenma, the protagonist wants to confess her feelings but can’t, and Kenji, who is bad at showing his emotions. It’s a pretty rare case where the protagonists can’t share their feelings but those kinds of relationships are the most perfect ones.

when these two will face each other, you’ll surely have a good laugh. The anime is iconic and has won many awards, you can now imagine why!

13. Ouran Host Club

Ouran Host Club

Premiered date: Apr 5, 2006 – Sep 27, 2006

Studios: Bones

The story is about wealthy high schoolers. The high school is filled with talented, skilled, and rich kids. And then there’s Haruhi Fujioka, a girl who is from a middle-class family and made into Ouran High because of her knowledge.

Although everything was difficult for Haruhi, she welcomes more trouble. She accidentally breaks an eight million yen worth vase and that vase is the property of none other than the popular Ouran High Host Club.

Ouran Host club is a club where the most attractive, dream boys of the school are. After seeing a commoner, it caught their attention. They assigned her to work under the until she pays the debt.

Ouran Host Club is an old-school anime. Many people love this because of its famous storyline and comedy. You’ll be one of them in no time.

14. Detroit Metal City(DMC)

Detroit Metal City(DMC)

Premiered date: Aug 8, 2008 – Oct 28, 2008

Studios: Studio 4°C

Do you like music?

You’re at the perfect place if you like music, but you won’t only get music, but you’ll also get hilarious comedy moments. Better add Detroit Metal city to your watch list now, because you won’t find any other anime like this.

The anime has a band named, Detroit Metal City which produces metal music. Johannes Krauser II, the lead singer of the band is famous across the town, and because of him, the band is now renowned.

Many people think that Johannes is a loud guy like other metal singers but he is just the opposite of that. He has a calm and peaceful personality and a musical voice.

He is more suited to singing ballads than heavy metal, and that’s what makes this anime interesting and comedy.

His personality is hidden from the audience and when he tries to hide it, he again messes up and the moments are so funny that you’ll keep laughing at it.

15. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Premiered: Apr 8, 2016 – Jul 1, 2016

Studios: Studio Deen

We all have a nerd in our school and just like that, in the anime we have Sakamoto. He is the coolest human, everything he does is so cool that it will leave you speechless.

No matter what the problem, Sakamoto will solve that problem with ease, he is not only famous among students, even his teachers are in love with him. Not only girls but even boys want to be with him.

He has every kind of skill, he is just better than anyone. The show is filled with comedy. You’ll love this series once you’ll start watching it. You’re still here?

16. Arakawa Under The Bridge

Arakawa Under The Bridge

Premiered: Apr 5, 2010 – Jun 28, 2010

Studios: Shaft

A young woman saves the life of a young man, Kou Ichinomiya, and for that good deed, she receives a reward. The reward? she can wish for anything she wants.

Kou believes that he should never be indebted to others and should always pay back their favor. The young woman wishes for something unexpected.

She wishes Kou to become her boyfriend.

She wishes Kou to become his friend for the rest of his life, now the reaction of the wealthy kid, Kou? See for yourself!

17. Mo Dao Zu Shi Q

Mo Dao Zu Shi Q

Premiered: Jul 31, 2020 – Jan 29, 2021


This anime is the chibi version, with Wri Wuxian and Lan Wangji as the main characters.

The characters don’t get along with each other and the chibi version is filled with many funny and cute moments. You’ll find the chibi version much funnier than its original one.

If you love short movies which has nothing but gag, add them to your watch list right now!

18. Lovely Complex 

Lovely Complex

Premiered date: Apr 7, 2007 – Sep 29, 2007

Studios: Toei Animation

Another romantic anime by Toei Animation. Lovely Complex is about a girl and boy falling in love with each other but it’s much more complicated than it actually looks.

Unlike, most of the relationships where the Boy is tall and the Girl is short, things aren’t quite managed like that in this series.

Atsush, the boy is much shorter than the other boys and Koizumi Risa is much taller than she should be. Most of the girls like taller boys but Koizumi is greater than them, she loves the short dude.

At first, the couple hates each other, there is nothing but agony between them. But we all know what happens when a boy and a girl start to fight, it automatically turns into love.

This anime will surely make you laugh and make you feel lonely if you don’t have a partner.

19. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax

Premiered: Apr 5, 2013 – Jun 28, 2013

Studios: Brain’s Base

The anime focuses on Yukino, a teenager who wants to prove herself. She is determined to do that and for that, she thinks about participating in her school prom festival.

But she has no idea about the upcoming obstacles and challenges she will have to face. From there on, her life won’t be simple as it used to be.

The anime has many comedy scenes and a great storyline about Yukino. You’ll surely love this anime in one way or another.

20. Gurren Lagann 

Gurren Lagann

Premiered date: Apr 1, 2007 – Sep 30, 2007

Studios: Gainax

The story takes place in a small village, Jiha. The villagers don’t have any kind of modernization, everyone is living in caves, away from every kind of facility.

Simon, a shy boy who works as a digger, is having a normal day at work and when he starts digging he founds a shining object beneath the ground.

After then Kamina, a man becomes friends with Simon, and together they form a band Gurren Brigade, but the elder of that village refuses to do that. He wants to punish them for going beyond their boundaries.

Soon after that, they face a tragedy, the world faces destruction. The journey of Simon, Kamana, a young girl Yoko and a robot, Lagann begins to save the world.

The comedy of this anime is way beyond than you can imagine. The main funny part about this anime is their interactions with each other.

21. Demon Slayer 

Demon Slayer 

Premiered date: December 5, 2021

Studio: Ufotable

Demon Slayer is a famous anime, the story is about the demons who etas humans to live and demon slayers, who try their best to save the world from such demons.

Demon Slayer has a great storyline with many funny moments. It will give you unexpected plots and we will see a journey of a young boy, Tanjiro, who gives his best to save his little sister, Nezuko who is on the verge of becoming a Demon.

One day when Tanjirpo comes to his home after working all day, he faces a tragedy. His whole family has been killed by a demon and the only member who’s alive is his sister who is a half-demon.

To save his sister from becoming a full demon he joins the Demon Slayer Corps and becomes friends with Zenitsu, a coward demon slayer, and Inosuke who never remembers Tanjiro’s name.

Inosuke can never spell Tanjiro’s name correctly and calls him by several other names such as; Kamaboko Gonpachiro. 

Demon Slayer is a funny anime with great plots, scenes, adventure, animation, and pure comedy.

22. Handa-Kun 


Premiered date: Jul 8, 2016 – Sep 23, 2016

Studios: Diomedéa

the anime focus on the boy, Handa. He is a loner and always gets bullied by others. He is hated by everyone on campus. Handa, a super introvert.

The poor guys must be going through so much, you might think but those statements are of Handa.

Welcome to reality where Handa is the most popular kid on the campus. He is super handsome, and skilled, and every girl is after him but he fails to understand that and jumps to conclusions.

The anime is so comedy that whenever his fans try to interact with him, he takes that as a bully and starts to make a false and sad assumptions about himself.

This anime will brighten up your day for sure.

23. SK8 The Infinity

SK8 The Infinity

Premiered date: Jan 10, 2021 – Apr 4, 2021

Studios: Bones

SK8 The Infinity is a sports anime. In this anime, we will get to see amazing and dangerous skateboard skills. And another interesting thing about this anime is there’s a skateboard competition named, “S”.

The story mainly focuses on the character Rei and Langa transferring to “S”, where they fall in love with sports. This is a sports anime where the protagonists perform various stunts and many other dangerous things.

It’s dangerous but it’s crazy funny at the same time. Don’t worry boys, even though there are two boys as the protagonist this is a straight anime.

24. Maid Sama

Maid Sama

Premiered date: Apr 2, 2010 – Sep 24, 2010

Studios: J.C.Staff

By looking at the title you might have already got the idea of what this anime about is. If you don’t have then let us explain it to you.

The story focuses on a high school student, Misaki Ayuzuwa who works a part-time job in the Maid cafe as a maid.

She does this job in secret and keeps a low profile about this. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her job but then, Takumi Usui makes his entry into the cafe.

Takumi is the popular kid in his high school and now the popular kid knows about her secret. Will Takumi tell about her secret to the whole school?

Why don’t see it for yourself?

You’ll get romance and pure comedy in this anime. Worth it to be on your watch later anime list.

25. Tamako Market

Tamako Market

Premiered date: Jan 10, 2013 – Mar 28, 2013

Studios: Kyoto Animation

The anime focuses on a teenage girl named, Tamako Kitashirakawa, who is super cute!

The kawaii teenager family owns a bakery in a shopping district of Japan, Usagiyama. They bake delicious mochis, Tama-ya in their bakery.

But Tamako’s life changes when she encounters Dera Mochimazzi, a talking bird. he states that he is from the royal family and came to her land seeking a bride and she couldn’t be any more perfect for that.

But when he starts to taste her family’s mochi, he drowns in that delicious taste. He eats a lot and gains so much weight that he can’t fly anymore.

Well on the other side of the road, Mochizou Ooji is in love with Tamako and her beauty, but unfortunately, his father and Tamako’s father are mochi rivals.

The anime is filled with comedy scenes, and the crow, he’ll make your stomach hurt.

26. The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Premiered date: Apr 4, 2013 – Jun 27, 2013

Studios: White Fox

The title of this anime is funny enough to make you laugh.

Just like the title, the Devil works as a Part-timer. He faces defeat while battling against the hero, Emilia. After tasting defeat he has no choice but to leave the world and hop into another one with Alsiel, his General, who is also a Demon.

They end up landing in “Japan”, after some time the Demon King notices that he has lost all of his abilities and now he has no other choice and to survive and work as a part-timer to survive.

But will things be normal as they are? Why not find it for yourself?

the anime is filled with comedy scenes, when the Demon starts to work as a part-timer, you really don’t want to miss that fun part.

27. Laid Back Camp

Laid Back Camp

Premiered date: Jan 4, 2018 – Mar 22, 2018

Studios: C-Station

Laid Back Camp anime focuses on the journey of  Rin Shima. while she is traveling to New York to see the stunning sunrise but she doesn’t have strong luck.

During her journey, the weather gets pretty bad and because of blocked roads, her journey takes another turn. At the same time, her luck supports her again and she finds Nadeshiko Kagamihara who offers her to stay at her grandma’s house.

She had planned a two-day trip but it keeps on extending and extending.

The anime is about of the adventure genre and with a wonderful adventure, we even get to see many funny moments of him.

28. Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School

Premiered date: Oct 3, 2003 – Mar 26, 2004

Studios: Production I.G

Cromartie High School anime is all about Takashi Kamiyama, a talented student with a calm personality, and a role model for other students.

But it’s odd because the High School he should be in should be way different than Cromartie High School because this high school is full of delinquents and fighters.

The high school is full of chaos with full of fights, gangs, and violence. The reactions you’ll get from this anime is just comedy. You’ll get many hilarious moments from Cromartie High School anime.

Fights with humor? Perfect for you!

29. The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy

Premiered date: Apr 23, 2010 – Jul 2, 2010

Studios: Madhouse

The Tatami Galaxy is a romantic and comedy anime. Watashi the main protagonist is lonely but he dreams of having a perfect college life with lots of girlfriends and many more girls dancing around him.

His life has been lonely because of himself. He has zero socializing skills and always gets into trouble because of his friend.

And a lonely guy is always a savage. The life of this poor boy will give us emotions but will keep making you laugh at the same time.

30. Chuunibyou


Premiered date: September 14, 2013

Studios: Kyoto Animation

Whenever we look in the mirror, we see ourselves as special in many ways. This is normal human nature to think we are special and better in many ways but the protagonist, sigh…

Rikka Takanashi, the protagonist of the anime believes that she possesses supernatural powers, It’s so funny that she even assumes that.

Yuuta Togashi, a boy who had a horrific past wanted to live a normal school life, but he finds that there is someone more embarrassing than him in the school, Rikka.

The anime is so funny because the young boy tries to deny that to Rikka but she refuses to believe the truth. The anime has comedy timings and interactions that you must watch.

31. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Premiered date: Oct 5, 2015 – Dec 21, 2015

Studios: Madhouse

One Punch Man is a famous parody anime, the main protagonist, Saitama who is bald is a funny and stupid character.

Saitama wants to become a superhero and not to save the world, he just wants to become one for fun. He almost trains for three years to become a superhero, and now he is so powerful that he can knock out any enemies.

His single punch is more than enough to defeat any kind of opponent, no matter how strong they are.

the anime also has great actions and epic storylines, you can get comedy, action, and great animation in a single anime. Watch it now!

32. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Premiered date: Jul 11, 2016 – Sep 27, 2016

Studios: Bones

Mob Psycho is a hilarious anime. The main story of this anime is about hunting ghosts who keep on scaring people.

The person who can detect a ghost without showing any kind of emotion is no other than Mob. He is a funny person and his emotions are what make him more fun.

But when Mob gets angry and hits the 100% rank, he goes wild.

It’s crazy how Mob is one of the dangerous characters but the funniest at the same time. He is kind and sweet but if you try to mess with him you’ll regret it in no time.

You’ll get a great sensation while watching this anime, funny, action, and horror at the same time.

33. GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

Premiered date: Jun 30, 1999,  – Sep 17, 2000

Studios: Studio Pierrot

Looking at the title you might have already got the idea of what this anime is about. Every teacher wants his students to learn morals and great lessons.

When we used to read in school, weren’t our teachers like that as well? They tried to teach us morals and wanted to give us life lessons.

But the main protagonist, Eikichi Onizuka had different goals and plans for his students.

Onizuka, 22 years old and a former leader of a gang, a “bike” gang,  chose to be a teacher so he could watch girls’ undies, a freaking pervert.

but the pervert guy has changed his plans and now is looking for a better future and wants to teach his students good things and become a great teacher, but his students don’t agree with that.

A group of delinquent students wants him to leave the school, will it be possible to do that?

It’s gonna be epic because a former leader of a gang who wants to change his life is being stopped by a bunch of delinquent kids, will he beat and show him who he is? Or will he try to be a nice guy even in that situation?

You’ll laugh out loud when you’ll see him trying to be normal with the students,l a pure comedy!

34. Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

Premiered date: Jan 16, 2015, – Mar 27, 2015

Studios: A-1 Pictures

Tomoya Aki, the protagonist, is an otaku and is obsessed with watching animes and reading novels. The sensation he gets from such things is out of the world for him and wants others to experience it as well.

Now, for others, he decides to create a game, a game where others can play and grasp a wonderful sensation. But he is alone and to play the game, he needs a team.

And when he is searching for members he encounters Megumi Kato.

The anime is all about both of them going through many kinds of struggles and working together to survive. Although it has much hard work, the anime is filled with comedy moments. You’ll surely love this anime.

35. Horimiya


Premiered date: Jan 10, 2021 – Apr 4, 2021

Studios: CloverWorks

Many of us try to show our different personalities usually with strangers and try to hide our original ones, right?

We try to live Double life, the anime is about the same thing. Kyoko and Izumi, the protagonists of the anime try to live a double life, they try to hide their original personalities.

Izumi, who has tattoos and piercings, looks like a gangster but is actually a sweet kid from the inside. Kyouko is a popular girl but in reality, she is a hard-working girl. She takes care of her siblings and does all the necessary work for her house.

Eventually, both of them unravel each other’s secrets, and after that, you can guess what happened.

They become best friends and eventually, fall in love with each other. The romance in this anime is pretty heartwarming, but the comedy of this anime will make your jaw hurt!

36. Barakamon


Premiered date: Jul 6, 2014 – Sep 28, 2014

Studios: Kinema Citrus

What do you think will happen if a calligrapher punches the shit out of the judges because they didn’t appreciate his work?

Chaos! That’s what happened to Sai, for punching the judge his father sent him away to a remote village as his punishment.

The artist had a wonderful life before then, he had been living in modern society and now all of a sudden he is in a village where life is barely surviving.

The artist will have to face many obstacles because he will have to adapt to the gloomy environment of the village. He can’t even use his music to live peacefully because there are a bunch of kids trying to disturb him and a neighbor who keeps shouting at him.

In the rural area, he finds it hard to live but finds fun as well. We will get to see many comedy moments when he interacts with the people of that village.

37. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

Premiered date: Oct 3, 2014, – Dec 26, 2014

Studios: Seven

Another comedy anime where the protagonist is a hardcore otaku. Hajime Tsunashi is an otaku who barely even steps out of his room and struggles to survive, he barely even earns money by writing blogs.

And then there’s Kaoru, a hardworking office lady who has one bad habit, she drinks too much. The chemistry between this couple is odd but perfect.

The couples face hilarious challenges and each challenge they’ll face will bring a smile to your face as well. The most comedy part of I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying is that she actually doesn’t understand whatever Hajime is saying.

38. Kiss Him, Not Me

Kiss Him, Not Me

Premiered date: Oct 7, 2016 – Dec 23, 2016

Studios: Brain’s Base

The protagonist, Kae Serinuma is a high school girl, girl who loves entertainment.

She loves to pair guys together, and once she witnesses the death of her favorite anime character and because of that she goes into a breakdown state and loses weight. Women…

But her life turns upside down when she becomes the most popular and gorgeous girl in her high school.

Many boys fall for her but she wants them to fall with each other, the comedy of this anime is outrageous.

39. Non-Non Biyori

Non-Non Biyori

Premiered date: Oct 8, 2013 – Dec 24, 2013


Non-Non Biypri is a comedy anime where the protagonist, Hotaru who has been living in the city suddenly gets sent into the village, where everything is calm and silent.

Her life turns upside down when she finds out that, the school she is going to join has only five students. She will have to adopt a new lifestyle and face many challenges.

You’ll find a great lifestyle genre and full comedy.

40. K-ON! Movie

K-ON! Movie

Premiered date: 2011-12-03

Studios: Kyoto Animation

Sakuragaoka Girl’s High Light Music Club is a music club made by five girl members, Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Ritsu Tainaka, and Azusa Nakano.

Just as time is moving at a rapid speed, the girls are about to get graduated but they don’t want to leave what they have right now.

Before getting separated, they had promised to go on a trip together, and just like that, they hit a jackpot. They get a chance to go to London.

The girls enjoy the final moment together and in the end, they make a final song as their farewell.

There are really cute moments and comedy moments in this anime when the girls roam around in the United Kingdom.

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