20 Best Anime Of All Time To Watch in 2023

best anime of all time

There are hundreds of anime with their own masterpiece stories and fascinating plots. Anime series have been drastically popular nowadays and various anime are released all over the world.

The fan density of anime watchers is also increasing day by day. People are getting excited to watch anime and are searching for the best anime all over the internet.

And when it comes to choosing the best, it’s always difficult. Worry not, we’re there for you. We’ll help you to watch the best anime of all time by recommending you the 20 supreme anime series of all time.

You surely won’t be disappointed with the anime we’re going to suggest to you. Each and Every anime series that are mentioned below are a masterpiece and you must watch them!!

So, let’s unravel it!!!

1. One Piece

one piece movies order

Premiered Date: October 20, 1999 – Ongoing

Written by: Eiichiro Oda

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Studio: Toei Animation

Total Eps: 1034 and Ongoing

One of the greatest anime that has been running for more than 20 years, one piece has action, adventure, comedy, and mysteries. This anime is all you want to see if you’re looking for something more than extraordinary.

although the only thing people complain about this anime is “how many episodes it has” seriously, that is just a cherry on top of its awesome story.

The mysteries and battles of this anime are just too intense. Oda, the author of this series has created this masterpiece and it is stated that One Piece will finish after 4,5 years. Looks very long but trust us, time flies.

If you have great free time and you’re looking for one of the best anime to watch where there is comedy, mystery, and action then One Piece is gonna win your heart.

2. Naruto


Premiered Date: October 3, 2002 – March 23, 2017

Genre: Martial arts, Adventure, Fantasy comedy

Written by: Masashi Kishimoto

Studio: Pierrot

Total Eps: 720

Naruto is an anime where you’ll find a storyline that will blow your mind from the inside. This series has everything correct and everything that an anime needs.

In this anime, you’ll find a world of ninjas with intense fights and amazing humor. The best thing about this series is its enemies and in Naruto, the enemies are just heartbroken heroes.

Everyone who has watched Naruto knows this. If you wanna watch an anime where heroes become villains then Naruto will fill the missing puzzle of your anime.

Naruto has also won many prizes for its great production, so surely without a doubt, it is one of the greatest anime to ever exist.

Well, we don’t recommend you watch Boruto though.

3. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Premiered Date: October 16, 1993 – March 23, 1996

Genre: Comedy, Sports

Written by: Takehiko Inoue

Studio: Toei Animation

Total Eps: 101

Do you like sports and hanging fights? you’ll be pleased to watch Slam Dunk then.

In Slam Dunk, you’ll get to see a stupid protagonist who has been rejected by girls for more than 50 times, plus he’s a gang leader but decides to play basketball because of a girl.

He’s tall and looks ferocious but doesn’t even know the basics of sports, but he can dunk! Slam Dunk is one of the most famous anime with a 90s sensation, it sure won’t disappoint you.

Throughout the series, you’ll also keep laughing because the comedy in this anime is top-tier. Add it to your watch later anime list now!!!

4. Monster


Premiered Date: 7 April 2004- 28 September 2005

Genre: Crime, Mystery

Written by: Naoki Urasawa

Studio: Madhouse

Total Eps: 74

Monster is one of the horrific anime where you’ll question your reality. In this anime, you’ll be witnessing one of the greatest manipulation acts that the world has ever seen.

From the first to the end, Monster is filled with unpredictable moments. In this anime, you’ll find a person without a name dominating the whole world.

We have to admit that the author has put an amazing storyline in this anime. You’ll see a doctor saving a life of a young child but at no moment he pays price for saving a life.

It’s crazy how the antagonist of this anime was able to manipulate almost every one of the world and hallucinate all of them without even using anything specific, just with chats.

5. Death Note

Death Note

Premiered Date: October 4, 2006- June 27, 2007

Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller

Written by: Tsugumi Ohba

Studio: Madhouse

Total Eps: 37

If you like an anime where you like to say big brain plays then Death Note can’t be any more perfect for you.

The protagonist, ‘L’, and the antagonist, Yagami Light work with each other to find the mass criminal of the world, “Killer”. The storyline can’t be any crazier!

Both of them are aware of each other and everything L tried to train our Light as the Killer, he mega brains him and escapes from that situation. And when Light makes his new plan to kill L he escapes with the analysis.

If you love to watch anime with great investigation and mysteries then Death Note is just more than perfect for you. If this anime doesn’t grab your attention then better go watch Boruto.

Death Note is without a doubt one of the best anime of all time, with a great storyline and amazing character play, the anime is loved by the whole world.

6 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Premiered Date: August 26, 2009 – August 25, 2010

Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy

Written by: Hiroshi Onogi

Studio: Bones

Total Eps: 64

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an anime that has the most rated, with a 9.08 rating. It makes sense why they have such a high rating because they are the best.

In this anime, you’ll find brotherhood (for sure), action, magic, and a great story. The anime focuses on the Elric Brothers’ journey, two talented kids who can perform high-level performances.

One has a hand and leg of metal and the other…it’s kinda complicated. You need to watch it yourself to find out about the Elric Brothers’ complicated moment because the small brother doesn’t have a physical body, instead he has armor, metal armor.

The storyline of this anime is crazy and every arc connects more strongly to its final arc. And the craziest part is about Elric Brothers, Dad who is not an ordinary “human”.

7. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Premiered Date: October 2, 2011-September 24, 2014

Genre: Adventure, Martial Arts

Written by: Yoshihiro Togashi

Studio: Pierrot

Total Eps: 148

Hunter x Hunter is an anime where you won’t find a single episode boring. In watch episode of this anime, you’ll be filled with fascinating moments and pure intense battles and humor.

A young boy named Gon is on the hunt to find his father and for that, he needs the get his hands on the hunter pass, a pass that gives you access to almost everything in the world.

On his journey, he meets with some loyal friends with some of the most deadly criminals of all time. Gon should face every obstacle and train himself every day because the opponents are strong enough to kill him in a blink of an eye.

Epic group of villains, betrayals, and even sports, this anime has everything. One of the best arcs of this anime is when they enter in the world of the game, A FREAKING GAME!!!

8. Bleach


Premiered Date: October 5, 2004 – March 27, 2012

Genre: Adventure, Supernatural

Written by: Masashi Sogo

Studio: Pierrot

Total Eps: 366

If you’re here searching for the true craziest transformation of the protagonist then you’ll love to watch this anime. In Bleach, you’ll find some of the most awesome battles in the anime.

You’ll love how the protagonist, Ichigo levels himself up, proves worthy, and transforms into a new form. DAMN!

Although the fillers in this anime will wreck you up, the story will amaze you more. From entering a different dimension and fighting with the greatest antagonist who was once a hero.

You can skip the fillers whenever you’ll like so they are not a big deal. The story is with it to watch and the final form of Ichigo is more than worth it. Go and watch it now!!!!

9. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Premiered Date: July 4, 2014 – September 19, 2014

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller

Written by: Sui Ishida

Studio: Pierrot

Total Eps: 12 eps (per season)

If you’re scared of blood and violence then this is not the right anime for you, but if you like a great storyline then you shouldn’t skip this masterpiece anime no matter what.

Tokyo ghoul has some of the most violating scenarios but they are actually worth it. Kaneki changing his whole personality and appearance after the torment he had to face was worth all those violent acts.

Although Tokyo Ghoul isn’t filled with lots of humor, the storyline is much more greater. It all starts with a date and suddenly chaos occurs. The anime will also show the great importance of friendship but more importantly, intense battles between ghouls and humans.

Season 3 isn’t quite fascinating as the other two, but the storyline is still worth to watch it because in that season we can see Kaneki’s third

10. Berserk


Premiered Date: October 8, 1997, – April 1, 1998

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery

Written by: Kentaro Miura

Studio: Liden Films

Total Eps: 25

Berserk is an anime that is all about swords, friendship, love, mysteries, and betrayal. This anime is very much different than any other anime that we’ve mentioned here.

A young orphan boy names Guts makes his living through many struggles and faces obstacles. He trains himself, trains so much that he becomes one of the greatest swordsmen to ever exist.

We finally get to see some happy moments of Guts but that only lasts for a short time, the plot of this anime will shake you and hurt you from the inside. It will make your heart beat faster than it ever did.

The 1996 production of this anime is one of the greatest production of Berserk than its modern one. Although the anime of this great series has come to an end, the manga is still moving on.

Guts the great Black Swordsman is on his journey seeking vengeance for what they did to him. We must pray to god, so we can see another great animation of Berserk and Guts in his Black Suit because watching him is more than a blessing.

11. Mob Psycho

Mob Psycho 100

Premiered Date: July 12, 2016 –  April 1, 2019

Ongoing Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural

Written by: One

Studio: Bones

Total Eps: 25

Mob Psycho 100 is one of the most fascinating anime where the protagonist, Mob who is stupid and looks like a fool gets immensely powerful whenever he gets angry. And the levels of powers…my…my, better watch that part yourself.

The anime is about ghosts and ghosts busters. It’s not like the movie “Ghost Busters” nowhere near, it’s 1000 times better than that. You’ll get comedy moments from Mob, stupidity, and greatest action.

The animation, story, theme, and everything about Mob Psycho 100 is perfect. Once you’ll start watching this anime, you’ll fall in love with this anime. Let us mention to you that Mob has the level of his powers.

Whenever he gets into a difficult situation or is angry his power level rises up, when Mob’s power meter is raised up to 2%, he was able to shake the whole ground.

You don’t want Mob to hit at 100%, but in the anime, there’s a moment where his meter raises up to more than 100!

12. Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Premiered Date: April 11, 2021 -present

Genre: Action, Science Thriller Fiction

Written by: Ken Wakui

Studio: Liden Films

Total Eps: 24

If you like an anime where there are no fantasy powers but love action then Tokyo revengers is just perfect to watch!

This anime is a story about a group of high schooler delinquents who are always involved in fights. Their goal is to become the no.1 gang in Japan.

But the story takes time in the future. The protagonist of finds out about his old friend who he lived once dying in the news because of a gang, to change that he encounters many things and travels in his past.

The fights and the story of this anime were favorites of the world. We loved the concept and the battles and the animation of this anime. Talking about fights the most fascinating thing you’ll see in Tokyo Revengers is, Gang Fights.

They have some of the greatest battles and in addition to that, the storyline couldn’t be any more perfect. The protagonist, Takemichi manages to change the past but the future still remains the same.

And yeah, the protagonist is a coward and can’t even fight and tries to get involved with a gang, pretty interesting right?

13. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Premiered Date: April 7, 2013 – Ongoing

Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy

Written by: Hajime Isayama

Studio: Wit Studio, MAPPA

Total Eps: 87

Attack on Titan is an anime where you’ll witness great battles, unpredictable plots, no idea who is the protagonist and antagonist, and a great storyline.

This anime is one of the best, the animation just couldn’t be any better than it is. Although Attack on Titan has already ended in the manga, the anime is still going on, and trust me you’ll find this anime way more interesting than others because of its storyline.

Eren Yeager, the anti-hero of this series has the craziest part, this dude has been in the future and manipulated his dad to give the younger “himself” more power. Just Wow.

Attack on Titan sure is one of the best, from its storyline, animation, plots, and battles. Whether you look at it from the top or bottom this anime will always remain perfect.

14. Gintama


Premiered Date: April 4, 2006 – March 25, 2010

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Written by: Hideaki Sorachi

Studio: Sunrise

Total Eps: 367

If you are searching for an anime where there is unlimited comedy then Gintama welcomes you from the bottom of your heart.

Gintama is truly one of the funniest anime series. In this series, you’ll see reflections of One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto. The humor of this anime is unbeaten to this day.

In each episode after every five minutes, you’ll keep laughing and if you didn’t laugh then you just have bad taste. It is impossible to not laugh while you’re watching Gintama.

The protagonist, Gintoki, and his friends own a company named “Odd Jobs” and just like the name of their organization, they do odd jobs. The whole anime is filled with comedy and humor.

If you want to have a great laugh then Gintama couldn’t be any more great option for it.

15. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Premiered Date: April 6, 2019 – present

Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Martial Arts

Written by: Koyoharu Gotouge

Studio: Ufotable

Total Eps: 44

Without a doubt, just after a few years of their production, the company had already made a great mark on the world with its amazing animation.

Demon Slayer is one of the best anime there. The animation, edits, storyline, and characters exceed our expectations. The fans have loved it since its arrival and in every season, the anime just keeps on getting better and better.

Tanjiro, the protagonist of this anime has shown a lot of dedication to protecting his sister from becoming a full demon. On his journey to save his sister, he is also unraveling many secrets on the way.

We recommend you highly watch this anime because the story, battles, and plots will leave you speechless. And the humor as well.

Inosuke, a friend of Tanjiro, never calls him by his real name. He calls him “Gonpachiko”

16. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball

Premiered Date: April 5, 2009 – Ongoing

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Written by: Takao Koyama

Studio: Toei Animation

Total Eps: 167

Dragon Ball Z is one of the OG’s anime where you’ll find comedy, action, and a thrilling experience. If you want to see a great s storyline anime where the protagonist keeps leveling up, then this anime is just more than perfect.

In Dragon Ball Z, Goku (the protagonist) defends the world against evil. The adventures of this anime are one of the best. And the battles of this anime get crazier with every episode.

In this anime, you can ever get with from a dragon, but for that, you’ll have to collect “Seven Dragon Balls”. These balls have been scattered all over the world, so the journey in this anime is pretty interesting.

Even if you haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z, you have heard the name Goku more than a hundred times. This shows how much popular the series is all over the world.

The franchise has been a huge success, many merchandise, games, and icons have been sold all across the world with a huge profit. This anime sure is one of the best.

17. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Premiered Date: October 24, 1998 – April 24, 1999

Genre: Space Western

Written by: Hajime Yatate

Studio: Sunrise

Total Eps: 26

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most famous anime series in Japan. This anime mostly focuses on space and science fiction, which has grasped the attention of many spectators.

In this anime, you’ll get s cool feeling of the Western Atmosphere and aesthetic animations. You’ll get to witness cool storylines but kinda complex which act like a cherry on top of their personality.

The characters of this anime are one of the coolest, you’ll rarely get to witness chats like these in other anime. Hajime Yatate has created these characters in an epic way, the way they act, the quotes, and everything in this anime is picture-perfect.

Cowboy Bebop has to be on this list, the anime is simply way better than some of the modern animation. It has unbelievable animation with great picture work. A true work of art.

18. Neon Genesis: Evangelion

Neon Genesis: Evangelion

Premiered Date: October 4, 1995 – March 27, 1996

Genre: Apocalyptic, Mecha, Psychological

Written by: Hideaki Anno

Studio: Gainax, Tatsunoko

Total Eps: 26

Neon Genesis: Evangelion, is one of the anime where you’ll be mentally ill while watching it.

In this anime, you’ll find some controversial and bizarre moments. They viewed continent instead the ending of the anime in the v last two episodes because they were one of the most confusing and disturbing episodes of the anime.

Later the author, Hideaki, and Gainax released End of the Evangelion which brought meaning to the franchise. This gave strong meaning to the ending of their anime. Now let’s talk about what happens in the anime.

The protagonist, Shinji Ikari leaves far away from his dad. He later finds that his dad owns a massive company named, NERV. In this company, he acts as the commander and protects the district from the challenges that arise from the sky.

The whole anime is controversial, if you like anime where there are many controversial moments then this is perfect, but remember, Evangelion is not for kids.

19. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Premiered Date: March 7, 1992 – February 8, 1997

Genre: Magical Girl

Written by: Naoko Takeuchi

Studio: Toei Animation

Total Eps: 200

Sailor Moon is one of the greatest anime where you can watch a middle school student going on different adventures.

The storylines of this anime are written very thoughtfully as it comes with surprising and unpredictable events. In this anime, the main protagonist of the series is granted the power to become the Prety Soldier.

Since it got renowned as one of the most influential anime of all time, Sailor Moon dominated the whole world. The creator of this anime used the full advantage of the magic girl to make this anime groundbreaking.

As the protagonist of this anime is a female, the entire series is full of fascinating moments/ scenarios and it has succeeded to attract most male viewers.

This anime has a lot of instruction provided to its fans throughout the series as it helps us to build our confidence, friendship, and love by displaying it on our screen through anime.

This anime oftentimes applies as the ”Guardian of Mystery” and ”Guardian of Love and Justice”.

20. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

Premiered Date: October 6, 2012- ongoing

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Action

Written by: Hirohiko Araki

Studio: David Production 

Total Eps: 40

If you’re interested to watch anime that doesn’t lack adventures and actions, we recommend you to open a streaming platform and start watching Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.

This anime series is just epic on its own. The plots, deployment of character in perfected turn of events, and animation are all, that has grabbed the attention of a massive amount of anime watchers.

The storyline of this anime explains a Joestar family who is gifted with an incredible amount of physical strength and amusing adventures of different members of the family.

The various members of the family realize that they are destined to overwhelm the supernatural opponents with the help of the intense power they hold.

This anime is famous worldwide for its peculiar character designs, music, storyline, and epic plot twist. Hence, it is considered one of the best anime of all time without a doubt.

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