Adamantium vs Vibranium: Which Metal Is Stronger?

Adamantium vs. Vibranium

Adamantium and Vibranium have been one of the popular metals Marvel Universe. But if we take a look at the Universal periodic table then were can’t find Adamantium and Vibranium in the table. So, let’s take a look at what are these things.

Let’s take deeply take a look at both of these metals and compare them with each other, to find out the ultimate winner.

Adamantium Definition and Origin

Adamantium is a metal alloy that first appeared in Marvel Comics. The first appearance of this metal was seen in Avengers #66 (1969). The Adamantium was firstly created by Roy Thomas and artists Barry Windsor-Smith and Syd Shores. The metal is well known in the whole Marvel Universe and is one of the strongest metals in the whole franchise.

Adamantium is not only strong and famous in the Marel Universe, you can generally tell that it is best-known in the history of comics. Now, let’s take a look at where the word ‘Adamantium’ came from. You’ll find its origin pretty interesting and fun.

The word Adamantium actually originated from pseudo-Latin neologism (real Latin: adamans, from original Greek ἀδάμας [=indomitable]; adamantem [Latin accusative]) The word adamant is based on English adjective and noun. Finally, it is combined with the Neo-Latin suffix –ium. 

If we take a look at the English dictionary then we can find the word adamant being used for a long time. In the dictionary, the word is described as any impenetrably or unyieldingly hard substance. The word adamant can best be described as some hard mineral or rock which is so hard that it can be compared to Diamond in terms of its hardness.

The fact that Adamantium is an alloy, needs to be molded by using various methods. While being molded, the components are kept separate and after the procedure, they are mixed together. After the procedure is complete you’ll have a total of eight minutes of time to mold it with other components.

In that eight minutes, you’ll need to make a fast decision because once it is molded with other components you just can’t change it back. Once it gets molded the Adamantium gets so strong that you can’t change it at any cost. If you think that heating and making its temperature high will solve the case then you’re wrong, it will stay still in its liquid form.

The Adamantium is also highly durable and can last till eternity. You can now imagine how strong and durable the metal is, that’s why it is famous in the history of American Comics. Well, that is its strength and capacity, now let’s talk about its appearance.

When it is in its solid form it looks like a shiny grey, dark, high-graded steel or some kind of titanium. When the Adamantium gets its solid form, it can’t be destroyed. One of the best things about Adamantium is that it can penetrate through almost every material with only using minimal force.

There are two versions of this indestructible metal in the Marvel Universe. There’s a stronger version of this metal that can be found in the Ultimate Marvel series and there’s a lesser strong version of the metal, known as “secondary adamantium”. The secondary adamantium is not strong as the true Adamantium.

The secondary adamantium is the cheap version of its original form. It has less durable than the true Adamantium and can be destroyed if there’s enough force. It is on a completely different level than the Stronger version of Adamantium.

Adamantium was first brought into the Marvel Universe as the outer shell of Ultron in 1969. And the next time we saw the metal was in Wolverine’s Claws and Skeletons. We can even see the metal being used in Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, and X-23.

It’s not only the superheroes that have possessed this metal, the Russian supervillain also possessed the indestructible Metal after getting restricted. The metal doesn’t only works to create havoc and destruction, but it is also used for fixing things. It was once used to fix the vertebrae of Bullseye.

Adamantium is famous for being in the claws of Wolverine but it is also famous for being in Captain America’s shield. We could see the presence of Adamantium and Vibranium being possessed in the second shield of Captain America. It was also the last known piece of Adamantium.

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Vibranium Definition and Origin


Let’s take a look at Vibranium now. Adamantium is an alloy but Vibranium is different than it. It is a fictional metal that is derived from the Marvel Fictional Universe. The metal is made by the legendary comic writer himself, Stan Lee, and illustrated by John Romita Sr. Along. The first appearance of vibranium was done in 1966 Daredevil #13.

Just like Adamantium, Vibranium is also one of the most famous and best-known metals in the history of Comics. But when we talk about the element and properties of this metal than we can find many differences in vibranium. It has a unique metallic element that possesses the ability to absorb, store, and release a high amount of energy.

If we take a look at the history of this metal then we can find that this metal arrived on Earth when a Meteorite landed on Earth and created havoc. It was described that vibranium arrived on the earth almost 10,000 years ago. It is a precious metal and can only be found in specific places.

As of the present day, the original vibranium can only be found in Wakanda, Africa. The vibranium found there is the most common variety of it. It is known as Wakandan vibranium. The metal is very precious and very valuable because it can, mainly absorb and release any kind of kinetic energy. Well, there are always boundaries for everything.

Vibranium also has limits on how much energy it can absorb. There are some ways to manipulate the metal and with other materials but that is a dangerous thing to suggest. Often when we do experiments like that there are high chances of it exploding. The explosion is so powerful that it can cause great havoc.

Lots of Wakanda people have gone through certain experiments with this metal and the result has never been a happy one. Once when the people from the region tried the mutation, a big explosion occurred which changed the whole flora and fauna and created many majestical things.

Anti-Metal, the second form of vibranium, was the first vibranium that was discovered on Earth. This variety of vibranium is a much more powerful one and holds the capability to cut its way through the molecular structure of any material. The Anti-Metal is a powerful weapon that holds the potential to create pure chaos.

It didn’t take time for the third variant of Vibranium to be found in the human world. The third variant, Living vibranium was found by Obinna Nwabueze, the professor of Wakanda, inside the caves of Dora Milaje.

As the name explains, it is living and is different than the first two variants. It has many different elements and properties but also has a living mind of its own and playing with such things will always result in dangerous events.

These top three were the original variants of vibranium found in nature, but there are also two different variants of vibranium that are man-made. The two artificial vibranium are The NuForm vibranium and reverbium. 

The NuForm vibranium’s potential goal was to take the place of the true vibranium, Anti-Metal. Well, the original goal is still unknown to the viewers. Talking about reverbium, the metal possesses faux and some elements of the true vibranium. Nevertheless, both of these Artificial Vibranium is equally dangerous to society.

Vibranium can also be defined as a “cancer”. The Vibranium is explained by this phenomenon because of the event that happened with Captain America. In Captain America’s shield, a small fraction of sub-molecular imperfection emerged and then started to spread in all other objects that were vibranium based.

The cancer was so strong and spread so much that it didn’t stop until the molecular bond of that shield was completely broken. The “cancer” completely shattered the shield, and it didn’t stop there. it started to spread in other vibranium that were around the globe.

Because of such an event, the phenomenon of cancer took place in the world. If cancer had spread to the region of Wakanda then it could’ve destroyed the whole world. Now, let’s take a look at some of the characters who have possessed vibranium.

Some of the famous users of these strongest metals are Captain America and Black Panther. Captain America contains vibrant on his famed shield and Black Panther on his epic panther suit. Well, you must be confused cause we’ve already stated that Captain America’s shield also contains Adamantium, but remember that we also talked that his shield being a mix of Adamantium and Vibranium.

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Difference between Adamantium and Vibranium

Let’s take a look at the difference between these strongest metals and then we’ll jump into our final conquest and find out who’ll be the ultimate winner.


Vibranium is believed to have some majestical and extraterrestrial origins. It was found in the human world after a meteoric crash happened on Earth almost 10,000 years ago. The most common place to find this metal is in the nation of Africa, Wakanda. You’ll get to witness tons of vibranium there. The variant that can be found in that region is Wakandan vibranium.

Adamantium is another strong and best-known metal. More likely, it is an artificially synthesized metal. Dr. Maclin was successful in using vibranium so, he tried to do an experiment by bonding vibranium and steel but failed and the result was Adamantium. After molding the metal becomes almost hard as a diamond and is indestructible.

Physical Properties

Vibranium has a unique ability with it, the metal can absorb, hold, and release kinetic energies. The metal can even absorb vibrational energies such as the physical force of sound waves. The absorbed energy gets stored in the bond of the molecules and that makes the metal more hard and difficult to destroy.

Adamantium also has a special ability and that is its durability. It is almost impossible to destroy the metal. The metal can even survive several nuclear explosions at any high temperature. the metal can even make its way through by cutting metal. The metal is just virtually indestructible.


Vibranium definitely holds the special ability to absorb and store vibrational energies but it sure has a limit. If a large force is used in the metal then there are high chances of it breaking into pieces. Roxxon Corporation once bombed an island that contained vibranium, the indestructible metal absorbed all those explosives and got shattered into pieces.

Adamantium can survive high temperatures but when it is heated to an extreme level, its durability starts to come into question. The metal can come apart if it is treated at extremely high temperatures.

Used by

Vibranium is famous for being Captain America’s shield. Another famous user of this metal is the kind of Wakanda, Black Panther. He was popular for having a full suit made out of Vibranium. Wakanda is also famous for having this metal as they have used it to make many weapons and buildings.

Adamantium is mostly famous for being in the claws of Wolverine. He is the most famous user of this metal and is known for having those iconic adamantium claws. Another famous user of this metal is the infamous villain of Spider-Man, doctor Otto Octavious. He used this metal to make his mechanical arms. Even Tony Stark used this metal to make his Iron Man suits.

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Is Adamantium Stronger than Vibranium?


Hmm… after reading all the above, you might have got a concept of what kind of metals these two are and how they got originated. Well, you knew the basics but you’ll still get a question, “aren’t they the same?” It’s common to think like that but there are many differences.

It’s no doubt that both of these metals, adamantium, and vibranium are the strongest metals in the whole Marvel Universe but there are some key components that make a huge difference between them and makes a single metal stronger than the other one. Let’s analyze both of these metals thoroughly.

Adamantium is known to be the strongest metal in the whole Marvel Universe, but the variant we are talking about is “True” adamantium. As we’ve already explained earlier the true Adamantium rarely makes his appearance in the comics and the most commonly found variant of adamantium is the “secondary” variant.

The secondary variant isn’t much powerful as the true one and is weaker in durability as well. Well, if we are talking about the true adamantium then it changes the topic because it is known for making its way by cutting through steel. And what about Vibranium? can it cut that as well?

Let’s talk about the battle between Black Panther and Wolverine. This was an epic clash between vibranium and adamantium. Taking a look at the battle, Wolverine remained victorious. He was able to cut through Black Pather’s suit with his claws and made a wound. It seems that adamantium was proven to be much stronger than a ‘regular’ vibranium.

While Wolverine was in a clash with Captain America, he wasn’t able to cut Captain’s shield like he easily did to Black Panther’s suit. Well, it explains why Wolverine couldn’t cut through his shield because his shield was made up of a strong alloy.

Just like adamantium, vibranium also has a ‘true’ variant. Wakanda possesses the true vibranium where he is able to absorb all the vibrational and kinetic energy. Yet, we can’t give a win to the vibranium because it is still not strong as true adamantium.

It is also stated in the comics that the second variant of vibranium,  Wakandan vibranium is actually weaker than the secondary adamantium by a fraction. We can actually tell that vibranium is actually a lot weaker than true adamantium. Well, we’re talking about the ‘second’ variant of vibranium.

It is stated that the Anti-Metal, the original form of vibranium is known for being the strongest and it has such unique molecular characteristics that it can even destroy the liquify. So, is it powerful enough to destroy the Liquify adamantium? Let’s find out.

The Anti-Metal can actually destroy the Liquify adamantium and we’ve seen that already happening in the Marvel Comics. In the comics, we can see Misty Knight using her Anti-Metal fist against an adamantium sword. She was easily able to liquefy the adamantium sword. Does this mean that Anti-Metal is basically more powerful than adamantium?

Well, it might look like that Antu-Metal is way ahead in the battle but there’s still one version of adamantium, the trump card, adamantine. Adamantine is stated to be the strongest metal that can be found in the Marvel Universe. Basically, it is just a premium version of the original adamantium.

We’ve already told you the origin of adamantium right? Dr. Maclin tried to do an experiment by bonding vibranium and steel, the experiment failed and adamantium was born. But the real result he wanted was adamantine. With this, Anti-Metal is nowhere stronger than Adamantine.

The true adamantium is stronger than the Wakandan vibranium but as we’ve already mentioned Anti-Metal is way stronger than the true adamantium and can even melt the metal. Anti-Metal seems to be powerful but it comes nowhere near the adamantine.

Adamantine is the metal that can defeat every other metal that can be found in the Marvel Universe. It is the godly metal, thus, the most powerful that can be found in the Marvel Universe. So, the true winner of the contest? Adamantium.

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