About us

Hype Act is a project that started with the intent to answers all questions about our readers’ favorite movies, series, anime, games, etc. Our team consists of writers and editors who are hell-bent in exploring fiction and modern pop culture- providing you with insights on all your favorite movies and shows.

About Us

We’ve got a philosophy, or call it our motto- “To be a good writer, you’ve got to be a good reader” and our editors are just that- experienced readers. To bring all the insights and answers to your screens, we have watched movies, read and studied Sci-Fi and fantasy literatures, we have read comics, reviews, and everything else.

Our writers are all cinephiles who’re always following the latest movies and TV shows. We also have a group of writers that are no less than experts in regards to anime, manga and the Japanese entertainment culture.

Our writers consider writing a passion, a thing that they just love to do, and are always looking for newer ideas to give you the best articles related to fiction and pop culture. We’ve got analysis to movies, movie scenes, answers to the most Googled questions, watching guides for TV shows and movies, comparison of characters and a WHOLE lot more.

Trust us to and cover every topic and answer all your questions that might come to your mind regarding books, comics, TV shows, films, video games, and anime and the entire world of pop culture!